Friday, July 22, 2011

Staying cool

It's Friday evening here in LA and I'm still at Brittany's. Yes, we were hoping to be in our apartment by now but they didn't get the carpet done in time for us to be in by the weekend. So we're now officially moving in first thing Monday morning. Thank goodness!

The other day Hal and I decided we would try to get tickets to another late night show. This time we went for my favorite show, Conan. Tickets to his shows are free but are always reserved months in advance, but we knew they did a standby program where we could go get standy tickets in the morning, then come back in the evening and see if they have any extra seats. We drove to Burbank (about fifteen minutes north of the city) to the Warner Brothers lot and got our standby tickets around 10 in the morning.

The taping wasn't until later in the afternoon, so we decided to go back to Brittany's for a few hours.. But on the way back we got a little sidetracked and decided to take a drive up to the Hollywood sign.

We drove to this park where you could hike right up to the sign, but since we were so far from the ocean it was really hot and Hal was in sandals, so we decided just to snap a few pictures and head back.

Unfortunately when we got back to Hal's car we discovered the antifreeze was leaking everywhere and the car would need towed. So after waiting for roadside assistance for a while and having to take a cab across town from the garage, we missed the show. And this is two breakdowns for Hal's car this month.. Definitely not cool.

But now that his car is all fixed we're just continuing to stay in and burn time without burning money, but we do have plans for tomorrow. We're gonna do what we should've done the first day we got here.... Go to the beach and swim! We'll head down to Hermosa Beach tomorrow and visit Troy & Lisa for a little, then hit the water. It's going to be great! I feel bad for everyone at home that has to deal with the heat wave, especially because it's so nice over here. Being so close to the cold water, the temperature never seems to get over 85, gets down to about 70 at night, there's no humidity, and there's always a really nice ocean breeze. Am I trying to convince all of my friends and family to move out here by talking about how great it is and showing so many pictures??..


 I hope everyone finds a way to stay cool back east!

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