Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting the ball rolling...

It's Wednesday now, and I've been in LA for few days, a really terrific few days. I've been to every beach in the area, all the way from the South Bay to Malibu, and I've seen almost every sight there is to see.
But I've also been taking steps to try and set up my life in this crazy city. I've made lots of steps towards getting an apartment and getting off Brittany's couch. I've been constantly checking out West Side Rentals, Craigslist, all the local newspapers, apartment finders, and even just driving around and looking for "For Rent" signs. I've sent soooo many emails and made lots of calls. The other day I did get the opportunity to tour a nice place in Redondo Beach.. It's one of the cheaper places we've found, and it's in a great neighborhood. Hal and I filled out the applications for it last night, and he's dropping them off at the office this morning, so I'm keeping my finger's crossed on that one!

Time for some pictures..

The Chinese Theatre

I've learned a lot about this city in the last few days too. I feel like I've stepped up my game behind the wheel (you have to if you ever want to merge anywhere), and I've also learned to be incredibly careful when driving on the 405 (America's busiest freeway). For example, yesterday Lauren and I were driving in one of the center lanes when a full size ladder fell off the truck in front of us! Thank God I was able to get around it just in time, that would not have turned out to well for my car! If we can find an apartment in the area we're looking at, we'll rarely have to use this freeway, another reason to keep our fingers crossed.
We also learned not to do our shopping at gas stations by buying a half gallon of milk that was completely spoiled!
But most importantly, I've learned to NEVER go over your parking time limit, even by just a few minutes. The now missing $53 from my bank account will be my reminder for that one!
Crazy stuff, but it's all part of the city. And it's all helping me learn.

The Shopping Center on Hollywood Blvd

Malibu Beach

Malibu/Santa Monica Beach

Today is also the day Lauren and I have hoped wouldn't come. It's the day she leaves to go back to Harrisburg. She leaves late tonight, so we still have the full day together. But the impending thoughts of her not being here tomorrow are definitely tough to look past, and can really make it difficult to treat this like any other day. We've really had the best time together over these last nine days, and I'm not ready for her to leave!

So I would like to thank Skype in advance for the many hours of catching up that lie ahead. I'll miss you Lauren!!!!!!!

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