Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And.... I'm back.

Yes, 2012 is underway. It's been far too long since my last post, and so much has happened. Let's summarize my wonderful trip to PA:


It felt great to come home and immediately be surrounded by my family. I didn't get home until after midnight on Christmas Eve, and I was very happy to be reunited with everyone first thing in the morning.


I was able to hang out with mostly everyone while I was home. I juggled my time between Lewistown, Harrisburg, and Lancaster and had time to atleast get some time in with most of my close friends.


The day after Christmas I wasted no time before heading to Harrisburg and hanging out with Lauren. We actually got to spend a lot of time together, including New Years Eve. I loved it!


As some of the other pictures showed, we got to play some hockey over break. Vince rented out the entire Hersheypark Arena for a few hours and all of us went out and skated around and played. It was the best possible way to hang out with all my friends. Good times.


Need I say more?


What would a trip to PA be without some time in Pitt to see my beloved Penguins? Vince and I went to see the Pens/Flyers game. We were lucky enough to be able to stay at Carolyn's cousin's house, and had a great time... Even though the Penguins lost.


Because there are a lot of them in my family, and they're awesome.

So yes, that was an extremely summarized version of my PA vacation. But now it's back to work in Hollywood. I've been so busy lately with work that I've hardly had a chance to do much of anything, let alone update the blog.

I did end up falling into some cheap tickets for the LA Kings, last week. So I got to see them play twice in four days.

And then after work Friday, I made a visit to Anaheim with some friends from work to see two of my favorite bands from when I was a teenager: Nofx and Lagwagon.

So yes, that's the quick version of what's going on in my life. I'll try to make an effort to update this more in the future and I'm sure I'll have some cool stuff to talk about, since it looks like I'll have some visitors from PA within the next few months!

I'll be working the NFL Pulse Awards this Friday as a talent escort. Watch for me on the NBC Sports Channel!