Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Journey Begins..

Since I'm moving so far away, I figured (with some help from Lauren) that a blog would be a great way to keep everyone updated about what's going on in my life. I plan on posting every night from the road on my trip, and after that I'll look to post once or twice a week. So keep checking back.

So it begins...

After spending the last few months selling and giving away most of my stuff, I packed the clothes and kitchen supplies I have left into my car, picked up Lauren, stopped to say goodbye to my parents, and departed for Los Angeles.

And Biff came too

We knew today would be the longest day of the trip and only had one planned stop, but it was a pretty awesome stop if I do say so myself.

We stopped in Kent, OH to see a giant X-Wing (the ship from Star Wars) that someone built to go outside of a restaurant.
Of course I was pretty excited to see this, especially after the nearly 5 hours of driving.
Afterwards we ate lunch and got back on track and drove through Columbus, then straight to Indiana. Due to some accidents along the way we lost a little over an hour to traffic and decided to stop in Indianapolis for the night.
We were pretty thrilled to see that due to the ridiculous amount of hotels, you can get a room for pretty cheap as long as it's not during the Indy 500. So we booked a hotel on my phone and went to check in... Then we saw we had booked the shadiest hotel in the worst part of town possible. After being stared by every scary looking person within 100 feet while we checked in and finding out we couldnt cancel our reservation without paying for an entire night, we went to our room. But thank God they made a mistake and didn't advertise that they're no longer a pet friendly hotel and were forced to give me a full refund when they saw Biff. So we drove around and found a nicer hotel and here we are. So after driving through several hundred miles of nothing today, nearly staying in the ghetto, and having to eat dressing-soaked salad with my hands (different story all together), I'm about ready to pass out. Tomorrow will be a long day on the road, but with so many more cool things to stop and see.

Incase you ever wanted to see what Indiana and western Ohio look like.. That's about it.
Off to bed!

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