Friday, July 15, 2011

Carmageddon approaches..

It's Friday afternoon in Beverly Hills, and I'm preparing to start my weekend indoors. Carmageddon begins tonight around rush hour and runs until early Monday morning. And no, I did not create the title myself, it's been in the news for several months now, and warnings are posted all over the city. What is it, you ask? It's the complete closing of the 405 Freeway, the road that I just learned has over half a million cars travel on it on any given weekend in LA (6 lanes both ways, always packed). They're doing major construction which will make traffic in the city unbearable, and is causing Hal, Brittany, and me to only travel on foot for the weekend.

To prepare for the weekend, yesterday Hal and I walked deep into the neighborhood to the first grocery store we could find. It turned out to be an incredibly expensive organic market, so we only grabbed a few things and headed back. I should've known it would be expensive when I saw the cars at the local Rent-a-Car, next to the store:

The trip to the store was cool because I had my first celebrity sighting (other than the yet to be identified actor we saw in Manhattan Beach the other day), professional wrestler, Batista. I used to be a HUGE fan of wrestling as a kid, and immediately recognzed the guy. Pretty cool.

After we got back we decided to walk to the Grove for something to do. So we walked over, grabbed a bite to eat, got a book, and started right back. A good 5 or 6 miles of walking all in one afternoon. It felt great!

Later we met up with Brittany after she got off work and went to meet her friends. Everyone was really nice! They all worked at her PR firm and had cool stories to tell, we went to a few bars and had another celebrity sighting when someone pointed out to me that we were sitting next to cast members of the HBO show "True Blood" (I've never seen the show but it was still cool). We went to a few bars and decided to head back around midnight.

It was a nice, easygoing day, much like the weekend to come. In the midst of it all, we've also locked down our apartment and will be moving in sometime next week. Thanks a lot to everyone that helped us get the place! It's a nice place in Redondo Beach, about twenty blocks to the water. I'm so ready to move in and start working!

That's all for now, sorry I didnt take more pictures, I'll remember to take more next time we're out. Now, onto my lazy weekend!

Someone is way ahead of me!

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