Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Update

Well I've been a working man for a week now, and what a busy week it has been! My job requires me to go all over LA, and also to do a lot of busy work at the office. The days are long and the work is hard, but it's a great company to start in and I'm very lucky to be here. With travel time included my days are usually 12-14 hours long, but the time flies by!

A shot of a late run I had to make to Warner Bros. Always cool to see the famous water tower!

I also took some work this weekend, I was mic running and helping out at a hotel seminar. The same group I worked for a few weeks ago. All in all, I worked about 75 hours last week. But it felt so good to work, and be busy again. The power actually went out at the hotel, which meant no more mic work for me, and I got paid to just sit around while they had the seminar in the dark. Easy money!

This is rather random, but food trucks are a huge deal around LA. And I keep hearing about and seeing this grilled cheese truck around. It's supposed to be amazing, but I'm always busy or in a hurry when I see it. I need to track this thing down.

That's it for now! Gotta get back to work, after work I'm walking over to Hollywood Blvd. for a free private Blink 182 concert I was able to get tickets to. It should be a lot fun, and it'll be televised on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. So I'll take lots of pictures for next time!

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